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Akon ft. D’Banj -In FROSH Production

Another Nigerian-Atlanta conection by music superstars, D’Banj and Akon who recently announced that they are working on a massive collaboration. Both Artists took time off the set of the new video they are working on, to show-off  pictures on their Instagram pages. Throwing around words like Frosh and Feeling a Nigga, which is believed to be the two singles they are working on. “FROSH” and “FEELIN A NIGGA” Akon captioned the first

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Meet Onita Boone The Pearl of Cologne City

Last Monday I had the opportunity to meet a pearl on the music scene, Onita Boone, for the second time after quite a while. Onita Boone is a seasoned stage performer, who is widely known in America, especially the New York Metropolitan area where she has featured in numerous Broadway productions. Onita who is signed with Universal moved to Germany in 1997 and has amassed a consistent and extensive following. Maischna

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Follow My Footsteps: latest album from singer/songwriter, Genda/Ahmed Nyei

Musician Genda invites you to follow his footsteps in his latest album. Born in Cairo, Egypt to Liberian parents, Ahmed Nyei and Genda are two sides of the same story, told through poetical lyrics and an endearing down-to-earth style – on and off the stage.  For more about his musical style, the importance of family and his life philosophy watch an interview Maischna did with him early in 2013. You can also listen in to

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