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Bikini Figure Check For SS2015

Bikin swimwear 2015 - Kopie Bikin swimwear 2015

A lot of white girls rock their bikini without making a figure check. It’s only natural that they would want to show off their rockin’ swimsuit bodies on their own accounts. Unfortunately I can’t say this about black girls. Lets be honest, our genes might not allow us to rock our bikinis without making a double check of our figures. How many of us have this straight bikini figure? Have you ever stood infront of the mirror in your bikini? Don’t get me wrong, black girls are beautiful and smart but honestly most are well endowed. Unfortuntely society has set the norms and that leaves the average black girl  checking before flaunting her body in bikini. It takes a strong, self confident big  girl to rock her body in bikini without giving it a second thought. Check out some bikinis in african print by Adama Paris from Senegal.

Adama Paris Africa Fashion week 2011-Spring 2012 Bikini - KopieBikini Adama Paris