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Twins That Rule Fashion Blogsphere

Gone are the days we use to focus on the Olsen twins. Here comes a new generation of sibling pairs who are bringing their own vision to the world of African -influenced fashion. According to Huffingtonpost ‘You may not know their names yet, but it won’t be long until you do, because these young people are talented and creative. They are twins, of African descent, bloggers for the most part, and they are part of a group of “elite influencers” who are blazing a trail in fashion.’Twins have always fascinated most people — and the Internet is no exception. Thanks to this inherent power, these twins have managed to make a name for themselves, acquiring incredible amounts of followers. Praised by acclaimed publishers such as Vogue and The Coveteur for some. Approached by brands such as Diesel, Adidas and And Other Stories for others. Collaborations continue raining down for these stylish doubles. However, we must not forget the point: these young people represent our generation. One that is proud of its cultural heritage, proud to be ebony, proud of their curly hair, proud of our style of clothes. Below are some very inspiring and inspired representatives of this “Afro-cosmopolitan” generation for you to discover and follow!

The Quann Sisters/ Photo Credits-Urbanbushbabes via Cipriana and Takenya Quann are currently the most in-vogue twins in the blogosphere.

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The Quann sisters are American and live in New York. Cipriana is the co-founder of the celebrated lifestyle blog “Urban Bush Babes” which, among other topics, celebrates the beauty of natural hair. Takenya, aka TK Wonder, is an electronic music artist. Their sense of style and their outrageous beauty have seduced many, judging by the number of brands that are fighting over them. Between advertising campaigns for the Gap, And Other Stories (a subsidiary of H&M), and interviews for Vogue, The New York Times, Refinery 29, as well as The Coveteur, I think we haven’t heard the last of them.

The Mukheli brothers/Photo Credits -I  SEE A DIFFERENT YOU via

Justice and Innocent Mukheli are South African and live in Johannesburg. They are part of the a group called “I see a different you,” a collective of photographers. They are known thanks to their blog of the same name, on which they share their pictures of South Africa as they see it and live it. An authentic portrait, imbued with the creativity of youth, that offers another image of this complex country.

The Boykin Sisters, Sasha and Sable via

Sasha and Sable Boykin are based in New York and they are involved in both modeling and acting. Self-proclaimed feminists and vegetarians, they share their values and inspirations on their blog, Bunntyland, as well as on Instagram. They have collaborated on numerous music videos and commercials (including Adidas) and completed an editorial for the H & M fashion magazine.

The Durimel brothers/Photo Credit Drimel/Via

Meet Jalan and Jibril Durimel. Originally from Guadeloupe, Jalan and Jibril live in Los Angeles. In their 20s, they pursue film studies and already have a very distinctive style. They made themselves known thanks to their street style blog, Durimel, on which they depict and share polished and minimalist editorials that reveal their taste for vintage pieces and bright colors.

The Dotson sisters, Photo Credit: Coco and Breezy via

Corianna aka Coco, and Brianna aka Breezy, are the Dotson sisters. Based in New York, they have created their own brand of glasses, “Coco and Breezy,” that seeks to make sunglasses the main element of any wardrobe and regulate clothing to the rank of accessory. Worn by Prince, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and even Rihanna, the Dotson sisters’ glasses have achieved an undeniable and unanimous success. But no doubt their ability to stand out is also thanks to their own style, at once vintage, rock and punk.