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Seehofer lehnt Studie zum Thema Racial Profiling ab!

Racial Profiling ist in Deutschland verboten. Dennoch berichten viele Menschen mit dunkler Haut, sie würden häufiger als andere ohne erkennbaren Anlass von der Polizei kontrolliert. Von Racial Profiling spricht man, wenn Menschen wegen ihrer Hautfarbe, Haarfarbe oder anderer äußerer Merkmale, aber ohne konkreten Anlass, kontrolliert werden. Wie geht die Bundesregierung damit um? Bundesjustizministerin Christine Lambrecht (SPD) will im Gegensatz zum Bundesinnenminister Seehofer aber an einer ursprünglich geplanten Studie zu sogenanntem

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7 Essential Tips for Natural Hair

Short, long, dreds, twist, curls or braids . If like many women of colour around the world you are discovering, or rediscovering your love for natural hair, we have some TLC tips for your crown. 1. Moisturize more than seems sane. What are the three words every woman with natural hair needs to hear? They aren’t ‘I love you’ (although that’s nice too), they are ‘leave-in conditioner’. It doesn’t necessarily matter

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Staying cold-free this winter

Did you know that, having a cold is the most common illness among humans? It does not necessarily occur as a result of wet hair, stress, cold feet or bad weather. The fact of the matter is that anyone can catch a cold, especially when the immune system is weak. Remember, there’s a difference between a cold and the flu. The flu lasts longer than a cold and can have

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