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Low Carb Recipe With Afo Riro

Sharing aunty Zee’s favorite keto/low-carb recipe with Efo riro. An easy vegetable stew made using green aka. African spinach (called efo tete in Nigeria). She used her favorite meats and fish and secret ingredient to boost the taste to a whole new level. Follow aunty Zee: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

Ever Tried Ripe Plantain Puff Puff?

When life gives you extra ripe plantain, you make plantain puff puff. A delicious treat made from our sister blogger K’s cook Island with overly ripe plantain. No need for sugar. Subscribe to K’s cook Island on Youtube fam! Connect with Aunty Zee Web Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:


Chicken yassa is a popular Senegalese dish made from caramelized onions, dijon mustard, lemon juice and chicken cooked in a creamy and oh-so-yummy sauce. Stay tuned with Aunty Zee for more cooking lessons! Connect with Aunty Zee Web Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

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