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African Lifestyle Magazine Maischna Magazine (meaning “our life” in Egyptian arabic) is like your favourite spot at home, that spot that everyone knows as ‘your place’, be it a snug armchair in the living room corner, a particular chair at the dining room table or that side of the bed that’s gloriously yours. Maischna is about making your own imprint on the German media landscape. It provides a platform where

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Bernice Ekoula: Turning passion into a business

  At 22, Bernice Ekoula designs jewelry and already owns her own E-shop, “33:3”, pronounced thirthy-three-three. “I started off by designing just for friends,” she says. Today Bernice owns her own online shop where she offers a variety of accessories “for you” meaning “first come first served”. As she explains, this is because each piece carries individual features, exists only once and that makes it unique. Maischna Magazine discovered Bernice’s

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7 Essential Tips for Natural Hair

Short, long, dreds, twist, curls or plaits … If like many women of colour around the world you are discovering, or rediscovering your love for natural hair, blogger Minna Salami shares some valuable TLC tips for your crown. Whet your appetite for the Curls Rock workshop coming up in September in Cologne with these golden tips on caring for your natural hair. 1. Moisturize more than seems sane. What are the three words

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