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The Okunoren Twins of Nigeria

For the past 11 years, Taiye and Kehinde Okunoren have mastered the art of impeccable bespoke tailoring for men. The cuts are sharp and the designs are undeniably sophisticated. The 30 year old twins have carved a niche for themselves in the luxury men’s wear market and have become the go to designers for Africa’s hottest celebs. They have just recently opened a beautiful flagship store in Ikoyi, Lagos which

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African fabrics can do!

African-inspired fabric has been in the market for so many years but judging from different magazines and fashion blogs, never has it been so present and used in so many different ways as is being done in contemporary fashion. From ‘Ankara’ prints in Nigeria, wax, super wax, java, ‘Dutch wax’ in Ghana, ‘Kanga prints’ in Tanzania and to other East African countries, Ikat, Batik, mud cloth and so on, this is a colourful fabric with a lot of

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