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The Real Africa” Campaign owas published on February 13th 2014 via CNN. Ithaca College African Students Association Fights Stereotypes about Africa “Africa is not a country” is not a new concept, but this statement and others have possibly never found such beautiful representation than the work of Ithaca College African Students Association and their campaign titled “The Real Africa: Fight the Stereotype” in a bid to dispel myths about Africa.

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Is the Nigerian cartoon show: Bino and Fino, the African answer to Sesame Street?

African parents and those of African descent are tired of having few children’s cartoons on television that represent their culture to their children. Parents from other parts looking to introduce their children to real African culture via educational cartoons are also finding it difficult to do so. The findings are from over 3 years of discussions and debates on the website and social media networks of the Nigerian cartoon show

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Veye Tatah, die Frau hinter dem Namen Africa

Pünktlich zum Weltfrauentag 2013 wollen wir unseren Lesern eine ganz besondere Frau vorstellen. Veye Tatah ist Mitgründerin des seit 1998 eingetragenen, gemeinnützigen Vereins Africa Positive. Hier beschäftigt man sich besonders mit der wirksamen Integration afrikanischer Migrantinnen und Migranten in die deutsche Gesellschaft. Dazu ist Frau Tatah noch Herausgeberin eines Magazins gleichen Namens. Weltweit wird der Internationale Frauentag (International Women’s Day) von am 8. März von Frauenorganisationen begangen. Der Tag wird

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Bernice Ekoula: Turning passion into a business

  At 22, Bernice Ekoula designs jewelry and already owns her own E-shop, “33:3”, pronounced thirthy-three-three. “I started off by designing just for friends,” she says. Today Bernice owns her own online shop where she offers a variety of accessories “for you” meaning “first come first served”. As she explains, this is because each piece carries individual features, exists only once and that makes it unique. Maischna Magazine discovered Bernice’s

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