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Curls Rock, Köln: erster Workshop für “Natural Hair” einen Erfolg

Unter dem Motto Curls Rock Curls Rock veranstalteten Marlies Akosombo (Natural Hair is Simply Passion) und Irene Evadine (FebMart) den ersten natural hair Workshop in Köln. Highlight war der Besuch von Promi Stylistin und Kosmetikerin Felicia Leatherwood, die den Besuchern wertvolle Tipps zur Haarpflege und Produkten gab. Wusstet ihr zum Beispiel, dass Spiritualität ein wichtiger Grundstein für gesundes Haar ist? Felicia Leatherwood gab Maischna Magazine einen Eindruck in ihren Haarphilosophie.. Felicia Leatherwood (Part

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Curls Rock! First natural hair workshop in Cologne a success

On 29.09.2012, Marlies Akosombo (Natural Hair is Simply Passion) und Irene Evadine (FebMart) held the first natural hair workshop in cologne, Curls Rock. The highlight of the day was celebrity stylist and cosmetician, Felicia Leatherwood, who shared some golden advice on hair care and appropriate products with the guests. Did you know for example that spirituality plays a vital role for healthy hair? Felicia Leatherwood shared her hair philosophy with Maischna Magazine.

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Beauty Tips

Natural skin care is becoming more and more trendy. Natural skin care typically avoids the use of harsh chemicals and other products. Of course, many people are also pretty stumped on where to start when switching from their usual routine to a more natural one. Here are a few different natural methods for skin care we put together for you. Beauty Foods Tip Drink enough water each day to keep

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7 Essential Tips for Natural Hair

Short, long, dreds, twist, curls or plaits … If like many women of colour around the world you are discovering, or rediscovering your love for natural hair, blogger Minna Salami shares some valuable TLC tips for your crown. Whet your appetite for the Curls Rock workshop coming up in September in Cologne with these golden tips on caring for your natural hair. 1. Moisturize more than seems sane. What are the three words

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