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Shop the Look: SLPENDEUR Inspired by Vlisco

With Vlisco’s new season’s collection, everything has to pale into insignificance next to you. Just like the glamorous movie divas of yesteryear, whether you’re going to a ball, a party or just 
a romantic meal, you will dazzle in the limelight. Memorable fashion requires brave, bold moves and so this season Vlisco cuts into their fabrics to create embellishments in their styles and transform them into individual pieces of jewellery.

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Prêt-à-Porter, Ethnical Fashion by Stella Jean

The style of Stella Jean reflects and evokes her mixed and creole heritage. A blend of old continent cultures with the verve of contemporary fashion marrying the opposites in femininity well aware of its precious uniqueness. Through the lines of Italian haute couture craftsmanship beats a sensual elegance, proud and aware but never ostentatious. The designer’s signature “Wax & Stripes Philosophy” reflects a mood reminiscent of her own multicultural personal journey,

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The African FashionTrend.

Africa has the most interesting fashion trends in the world that are changing vigorously and you can experience in different cultures. You do not need to be from Africa either to experience this African fashion trend. For instance; the turban head gear dominates in places like Middle East, North Africa, Arab Muslims, and Southwest Asia and amongst the Sikhs of India.  Different tribes like the Kurdish people wear similar head

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From homeland to haute décor.

The evolution we see in Fashion and lifestyle offers a new way of thinking – a feeling of African-inspired eclecticism. At the heart of this philosophy we can witness the fusion of world styles deeply referenced to the African culture and themes. The creative use of african inspired themes, like zebra decorations, handy crafts, vibrant colours all  in interior design and other accessorizing concepts allows us (admirers of African lifestyle

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