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The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Meet Onita Boone The Pearl of Cologne City

Last Monday I had the opportunity to meet a pearl on the music scene, Onita Boone, for the second time after quite a while. Onita Boone is a seasoned stage performer, who is widely known in America, especially the New York Metropolitan area where she has featured in numerous Broadway productions. Onita who is signed with Universal moved to Germany in 1997 and has amassed a consistent and extensive following. Maischna

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Bella Garcia, the dancing queen.

Angolan born Bella Garcia is a dance instructor, teacher, choreographer and personal trainer in Berlin. She is a member of a female dance crew and is currently spreading the African flavour and different African dance styles in Germany. The power dance team consists of beautiful and young Africans, all are born in different places in Africa and live in Germany. Eventhough the girls grew up in Germany, they follow their

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Seum Kuti at the Club Bahnhof Ehrendfeld in Cologne.

I felt so much at home standing infront of Oluseum Anikulapo Kuti last Monday 7th of April 2014 at the “Club Bahnhof Ehrendfeld” (CBE) in Cologne and hearing  him sing “black woman” I was so thrilled by the lyrics because I could relate to the message, black woman, afro hair, strong woman, etc.. I personally felt he was singing about me. Seum Kuti as he is commonly known was born

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The message behind Genda’s “Different Faces”.

A soulful female voice opens Genda’s album  Follow My Footsteps: “different people in different places / live the same life with different faces.” The lines give the listener a taste of what awaits them if they allow themselves to embrace the concept behind the music, the idea of sameness in spite of difference, morality and acceptance.  No matter the languages we speak or the colour of our skin, we are

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