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ICONICITY Glows at London Urban Fashion Week

From the 22nd to 26th August 2012, Fashion label ICONICITY featured at the first London Urban Fashion Week (UFW) against the backdrop of the Olympic and Para Olympic season. The event brought together designers, their models, hair stylists and make-up artists from the US and Europe to mingle together and showcase their talent. ICONICITY was started in the summer of 2011 by two sisters, Beatrice and Kel Byakika in South

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Junge afrikanische Schönheit auf dem Weg nach Oben!

Unsere schönste Endeckung des Monats heißt Nicky Marques, geboren und aufgewachsen in Deutschland mit angolanischen Wurzeln. Sie ist 22 Jahre alt und studiert Architektur im vierten Semester. Neben dem Studium widmet sich Nicky Ihrer Freizeit dem modeln. Wir waren über die Schönheit sehr neugierig und wollte mehr über Ihre Person wissen. Als ich 15 war, wurde ich in Köln von Mongi Taleb, einem Fotografen aus Nordafrika, im Bus angestarrt. Ich

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Beauty Tips

Natural skin care is becoming more and more trendy. Natural skin care typically avoids the use of harsh chemicals and other products. Of course, many people are also pretty stumped on where to start when switching from their usual routine to a more natural one. Here are a few different natural methods for skin care we put together for you. Beauty Foods Tip Drink enough water each day to keep

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African Lifestyle Magazine Maischna Magazine (meaning “our life” in Egyptian arabic) is like your favourite spot at home, that spot that everyone knows as ‘your place’, be it a snug armchair in the living room corner, a particular chair at the dining room table or that side of the bed that’s gloriously yours. Maischna is about making your own imprint on the German media landscape. It provides a platform where

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