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Die Nacht der Fußballstars und mehr: Podiumsdiskussion über Afrika’s Teilnahme an die WM von CSSCF.

Nicht verpassen! Exklusives Event der “Cameroon Sports & Social Club Frankfurt” (CSSCF) mit den Stars der afrikanischen WM-Teams in Frankfurt! Live-Übertragung in Funk und Fernsehen! Interviews, Autogramme und Tombola! Gewinnchance für einen von zwei Flügen mit Turkish Airlines.

Impressions from the FOAG event in Berlin.

Let me share with you some impressions I gathered at the Face of Africa Germany show in Berlin last 4th of April 2014. Put together in a nutshell for you.  The venue itself was really nice and spacious with a great big stage and catwalk. The lightning inside was quite dimm and gave the hall a very festive atmosphere. It was almost completely packed to the last seat. Everyone dressed

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Who will become the Face of Africa-Germany 2014?

In less than a week, the Face of Africa 2014 will be crowned in Berlin. This is not the event you want to miss! Are you still thinking about how to get a ticket? Click hereand buy a ticket for the show everyone in town will be talking about. For more Information visit:

Website launch and more Afropolitan Fashion at the African Fashion Day Berlin last Week.

Africa Fashion Day Berlin celebrated its one-year anniversary on Friday the 17th of January 2014 at the Mani Restaurant, Torstrasse 136, Berlin 10119, Germany. Guests experienced a surprise to their night with Dancer Mwenda performing her mesmerizing choreography “South Afro Fusion”. Founder of Apya Productions and the Africa Fashion Day Berlin Beatrace Oola welcomed guests to this intimate and exclusive dining experience. Amongst dinners were selectively invited press, Ambassadors as

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