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Press Release on Fashion Panel hosted by the AFDB…

On the 20th of January 2015 a fashion panel will take place for the first time with Beate Wedekind as moderator and as topic „The new global African aesthetic“.  Never before has the African continent been so influential throughout the fashion industry. From the catwalk show of Burberry, Alexander Mcqueen and Yves St. Laurent, to the windows of Topshop and Zara, Africa is now seen everywhere. Looking specifically at the

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Alexandra Tamele Showcases at the Black Fashion Week Paris.

  Alexandra Tamele, is a talented”street style” designer born and raised in Berlin. Her weaving of western styles into African fabrics reflects her African heritage, also the source of her inspiration. A new breath of fresh air has been breezing through the fashion world as more and more designers use the afro-western fusion style to reflect the diasporic side of their heritage. In fact, you’ve got to be really good

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Impressions from the FOAG event in Berlin.

Let me share with you some impressions I gathered at the Face of Africa Germany show in Berlin last 4th of April 2014. Put together in a nutshell for you.  The venue itself was really nice and spacious with a great big stage and catwalk. The lightning inside was quite dimm and gave the hall a very festive atmosphere. It was almost completely packed to the last seat. Everyone dressed

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Who will become the Face of Africa-Germany 2014?

In less than a week, the Face of Africa 2014 will be crowned in Berlin. This is not the event you want to miss! Are you still thinking about how to get a ticket? Click hereand buy a ticket for the show everyone in town will be talking about. For more Information visit:

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