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5 Things You Never Knew About The Owner Of Fashion Label LIIBER LONDON, Meet Anrette Ngafor Ankinyele

In this special edition, I am presenting some Bold & Beautiful Cameroonian Ladies (BBCL). Some young and dynamic ladies who are very active worldwide in promoting and showcasing, the beauty, lifestyle, fashion and  business activities of Africa on social media and or print. In aknowledgement of what they do and because people hardly find time to know who these busy and powerful ladies are, kindly give me your attention! Meet

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How to be a Successful Entrepreneur in the Online Publishing Space

“Thanks to the Internet, anyone can be a publisher,” says Tom Drake, the founder of Canadian Finance Blog, and an online entrepreneur and owner or partner of more than 40 websites, many of which generate significant revenue. “However, just being able to put your thoughts out there isn’t enough to create a successful business and good income.” As Drake points out, becoming a successful entrepreneur in the online publishing space

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Baking through life: my passion is my business.

Some people have break through careers as singers, actors or authors. Others … well, choose to follow their passion for the sweet stuff and go into baking. Maischna got in touch with one such entreprenuer, Yvonne L. Nforchu. Yvonne is a go-getter in Cameroon’s economic capital of Douala who’s passion for baking saw her pass up top job offers to hatch her business idea into a successful enterprise. The result of

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