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5 Things You Never Knew About The Owner Of Fashion Label LIIBER LONDON, Meet Anrette Ngafor Ankinyele

In this special edition, I am presenting some Bold & Beautiful Cameroonian Ladies (BBCL). Some young and dynamic ladies who are very active worldwide in promoting and showcasing, the beauty, lifestyle, fashion and  business activities of Africa on social media and or print. In aknowledgement of what they do and because people hardly find time to know who these busy and powerful ladies are, kindly give me your attention!

Meet Anrette Ngafor Akinyele for LIIBER LONDON

Liiber London is all about self-expression. Established in 2012 by Anrette Ngafor Akinyele, this hip style draws life from global sights, sounds, shades and shapes that bubble in its birthplace of London. “London is such a melting pot of all things creative! I wanted to create vogue that reflects the extraordinary art, music and chic I’ve experienced both in this amazing city and during my travels around the world,” explained Ngafor. She previously co-founded KiRette Couture – the fashion house which funked up her native Cameroon’s toghu chic with a globe-trotting style set. The fashion graduate now steps into a new venture with a debut collection, “Vigour” – an expression of the complexity and colour of being female. “She’s got verve, drive and a free spirit. But above all, she’s a one-off – just like our exquisite pieces.” Feel the Liiberation.

Anrette Ngafor Ankinyele

Anrette Ngafor Akinyele

Anrette, would you describe yourself as a fashionista[LB1] ?
1)  Oh yes, definitely because I never like to look like anyone else for my style, as do my clients.

What inspires you in life?
2)  A lot of things in life inspire me from culture, music, arts, technology and architecture.

Who would you take out on a date, Idris Elba or Fally Ipupa?

3) Seriously, this question gets me all confused. Idris is super and I love his work and he certainly knows music. Now Fally Ipupa can definitely wind the waist when it comes to dancing so, I’d have to take both on my date. Idris as predate and Fally for afters!

What are your favourite colours?
4) You can tell am not afraid of my colours as I love blocking but I personally love my tans and orange.

5.) If you were detained on an Island who and what 3 items would you take with you?
I am definitely taking my fabulous and creative husband along and I cannot leave without my Samsung galaxy S4, my sketch book and music.

[LB1]A person devoted to fashion clothing, particularily unique or high fashion.

A person not to be called a fashionista would be someone who obsessivly follows trends. “real” fashionistas do not believe in trends.

Goddess Collection Liiber London 1Goddess by Liiber LondonGoddess by Liiber LondonGoddess by Liiber London