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Did You Know I Represent Cameroon (IRepCamer)?

In this special edition, I am presenting some Bold & Beautiful Cameroonian Ladies (BBCL). Some young and dynamic ladies who are very active worldwide in promoting and showcasing, the beauty, lifestyle, fashion and  business activities of Africa on social media and or print. In aknowledgement of what they do and because people hardly find time to know who these busy and powerful ladies are, kindly give me your attention!


Please meet Yefon Mainsah of , IRepCamer.

Yefon Mainsah-IRepCamer

Yefon Mainsah-IRepCamer

IRepCamer is a lifestyle and entertainment blog. Its goal is to showcase talent, creativity, ingenuity & passion. One post at a time! Your stop for all things Cameroon and Africa! Plus the random thoughts and musings of an all one engineer, movie, music & accessories junkie.
Focus on Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, Travel, Tourism, Business, Technology you may name it and everything in between!!

Yefon Mainsah is a Chemical Engineer by profession from the prestigious McGill University in Montreal Canada.

Why she blogs?I blog to promote, engage, exchange, share and to have a voice. Blogging started as an out and escape from a stressful job! I wanted to promote my friends especially in the creative industries (fashion and music) and because I love sharing good stories. Being obsessed with checking out Naija blogs, I decided to start one given the “scarcity” of Cameroonina blogs at the time! Fast forward to 5 years plus later, I want the blog to showcase and promote the positive image of Cameroon and Africa”

What is your advice to other bloggers? Have a vision. Blog about something you are passionate about. Find a Niche Be Consistent. Be Original & Creative. Research. Engage your audience .Keep it simple

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