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Why Is Black/Up So Trendy?

Black/UP Cosmetics

Black/UP Cosmetics

Black/Up represents Innovation, Modernity, Elegance.

It is the right brand for the free and modern woman. The black|Up woman is a beauty who is proud of her roots and absolutely anchored in her era. Stylish and triumphant, she is a symbol of elegance accepting who she is, and cultivating her beauty as well as her personality.

Founded in 1999 by an African makeup artist, black|Up Cosmetics is the first dedicated upscale beauty brand to magnify black and mixed beauties. black|Up develops a true expertise answering darker complexion’s specific needs and offers products that pair professional quality and pleasure of use: velvety effects, mat or powdery finishes, perfect coverage, ultra vibrant colors, 100% non-ashy finish. Thanks to its unique offer, black|Up has become a key player in the makeup world that seduces black and mixed women as much as all the makeup addicts of the planet.Today black|Up Cosmetics has garnered a substantial fan base in France among women of color and has risen to become the nation’s ‘ethnic makeup brand’ distributed in approximately 200 retail locations.




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