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Trending On Social Media: Ni Parliamentarian, A Political Satire, By Alenne Menget Of ATS Productions.

Alenne Menget Director of ATS Productions

Alenne Menget, Director of ATS Productions

He is an investigative journalist, a film maker, founder and CEO of ATS Productions based in Akwa Douala in Cameroon and he is called Alenne Menget. Those who know him from his secondary school days refer to him as a born entertainer. His love for entertainment runs in his DNA. His latest production  Ni Parliamentarian, as he told MM <is a social and political satire from events and situations in his Country -Cameroon developed for  public view with the aim to entertain.

Ni Parliamentarian posted by Alenne Menget Ats on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ni Paraliamentarian reminds me of a typical old man <graffi elite> who has been elected by fellow villagers to whom he owes his loyalty. He is playboy and a multilingual speaker who doesn’t succeed to stay faithful to one language in a sentence. His continues switching from Pidgin English to English, French and Batibo (local vanicular called Njen from Batibo in the Momo Division, North West Region of Cameroon)  and accent is what cracks up his thousands of fans.

COMEDY with Ni Parliamentarian whio missed being Minister of Communication by an inch by Alenne Menget Ats on Saturday, October 3, 2015

Please roll back and enjoy Ni Parliamentarian.

 The only movie that one man does two roles and you wouldnt notice. Posted by Alenne Menget Ats on Friday, April 3, 2015
Alenne Menget Film Producer CEO ATS productions
Mr. Alenne Menget has co-produced and featured in some Nollywood movies, he is a pioneer and influencial member of the Cameroon Movie Association. It is either you like him or you do not. He doesn’t fear to say the things that have to be said. He is above all a great talent who is making a name and building his emperium from the gift of nature with hard work.
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