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The Pancake Boy

We all are different people, in different places, living the same life with different faces at different stages in life, but we are all thesame….

Be inspired by the story of” The ‘Pancake boy’.

A motivational story of Michael, a young child who rose up from his own adversities to the mountain top, simply because he believed he could. His journey takes us from his conception in Belfast, Ireland, to his birth in North America. And, from his diplomatic package, on into his ultimate manhood. This mesmerizing story will capture your attention and your heart. Its messages and life-lessons will remain with you for years to come…Read more

About the author: Sebastien Dehi

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1 Discussion on “The Pancake Boy”
  • I love this. Can’t wait to check it out. We need more African stories out there..Thumbs up to the Author and thanks for sharing Maischna.