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Natural skin care is becoming more and more trendy. Natural skin care typically avoids the use of harsh chemicals and other products.
Of course, many people are also pretty stumped on where to start when switching from their usual routine to a more natural one.
Here are a few different natural methods for skin care we put together for you.

Beauty Foods Tip

Drink enough water each day to keep your body hydrated and to maintain healthy and strong nails.


Healthy Lifetyle

Healthy Lifetyle

Beauty Foods Tip

Eat plenty of tomatoes, which are rich in vitamin A, C, D and potassium; are great ingredients for beautiful skin.

Vegetables with lots of  Vitamin D

Natural beauty recipe for home skin care

Remember a clear and supple skin is more attractive than having too much makeup. So don’t overdo makeup!

What you need!

4 tbsp clay, 2tbsp Lemon pulp, 2 tbsp Honey, 2 tbsp Water, 2 drops jojoba oil (optional).


What to do!

Pour all ingredients in a bowl and mis them with a spoon. Apply mixture on the face and leave it on for fifteen minutes.

Finally, rinse off with warm water. Pat dry and apply moisturizer or any kind of sunscreen if you have to step out.