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Why African Fabrics Became So Trendy

When I wankarastylesas growing up, wearing clothes from african fabrics was not at all hip. Our parents and grand parents dressed African on special and traditional occassions.  These fabrics have been in the market for so many years but never have they been so celebrated in so many different ways as today. From ‘Ankara’ prints in Nigeria, wax, super wax, java, ‘Dutch wax’ in Ghana, and ‘Kanga prints’ in Tanzania. Some prominent Fashion desingers like Versace get their inspiration from African fabrics. Home interior designers too have been touched by Africa and African Fabrics. It is not a secret, African Fashion has been globally accepted.


I am so loving the attention wearing African gets. I love it because it celebrates being African.  The whole culture of dressing has become so westernised that dressing African for Africans was not obvious. Wearing African and looking fashionable leaves me with  great feeling of pride and belonging.


 Season: Q2/2018 Photographer: Tim Verhallen

Season: Q2/2018
Photographer: Tim Verhallen


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